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My darling,

There’s not a day passes here that I am not thinking of you and reflecting on how you would feel about this situation or that circumstance. We hear a news item and I just know how you would respond! There is so much that happens every day that shapes and sharpens my memories of our life together.

But today is special. Another anniversary. It was on this day 57 years ago that we started going out together as a couple. The previous Saturday I had tried (somewhat awkwardly) to suggest that such an “arrangement” was very appealing to me. As I recall, you didn’t share my enthusiasm and I thought that the idea was short-lived.

What a difference 7 days made! This time you were the one who breathed life into what I thought was no longer a possibility. And so began a friendship and a relationship that was to last on this earth for 55 years – 57 if, like me, you continue to treasure the reality of our relationship.

The longer we are separated by death the more I realise just how significant and all- pervasive your life has been in my life and our life together.


Let me tell you about our book. I wish almost every day that I could show you the finished product. I know you would love it. I also know you would struggle to believe that you could be part of such an impact in so many lives.

\We have distributed over 400 copies and every week I am receiving enquiries from people who have heard about the book and want to know how to get a copy. These enquiries come from people who are suffering from MND or some other terminal disease or people who are related to people in such a state. The stories are heart-warming and if we never sold another copy the impact of your testimony has been and continues to be amazing.

So it will continue to be until the King comes back.   

But until then….

You remain the love of my life


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