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2.  A Son Before a  Servant

Father God,
I thank you that you called me to be your son/daughter before you called me to be your servant.
Thank you, Father, that you are primarily committed to our relationship as Father and son/daughter rather than to our relationship as Master and servant.
I can never be more your child than I am at this moment. There is nothing I can do to make that relationship more secure than it already is and nothing I can do that will lessen or diminish that security.
I find such liberty in that reality. Liberty that frees me to serve you out of love rather than out of a sense of duty or obligation.
Yet I have to own that there still come times and seasons where I lose sight of the primacy of my sonship and endeavour to substitute servanthood in its place.

Forgive me, Father, that at such times I reduce our relationship almost to that of an employee with his employer.

I don’t want to be the hired servant like the prodigal coming home. What a travesty of all that you intended when you called me out of darkness and into your marvellous light.



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