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Do You Get Disappointed, Lord?  


Father God,  

Sometimes I feel encouraged as I look back over the years and catch glimpses of the changes you have brought about in my life. It's a long time since you first found me at that youth camp and called me into your Kingdom. Just on 50 years, Lord. Yet, at other times, I feel frustrated by those areas in my life that are proving less responsive to the activity of the Holy Spirit.


Faith and trust in you is one of those areas. I really trust you for my salvation. But sometimes in the daily stuff of life I can find myself struggling to believe that you will deliver; that you will prove as good as your Word.  


Father, do you ever get frustrated with me in this regard? Disappointed, perhaps? I'm sure I would if I was you! To look back over 50 years of your faithfulness to me and then for me to doubt you now; what is the matter with me?!  


At times I struggle with waiting for you to act and answer prayer. The longer I have to wait the shallower my faith is seen to be. That's not easy to realize or acknowledge. Yet your timing has always been perfect. Never too early. Never too late. The next time you're late will be the first time. Yet, for all that, this "wait for the Lord" thing can be so hard at times; especially when I don't have a Plan B if you do not come through for me.  


Lord, in the current situation with my child I don't have a Plan B. If you choose not to provide, we are all in big trouble. So, please give me the grace to wait upon you in these immediate circumstances. And please use this time to deepen my faith; to take me out of the shallows and into the deeper waters of faith.   Amen

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