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Life Issues

My Credit Card statement arrived in the mail today. I think that only once in all my dealings with this particular organization have I had the need to question and challenge an entry in one of those monthly statements. I was wrong!!

Nonetheless, I carefully check every entry on every statement because one month they may get it wrong!!  But it won’t be this month. Somewhere on this planet there is a computer (maybe more than one) that keeps careful track of every transaction I make. Thus far it has a perfect memory. It has never forgotten anything. Not one thing!

I often forget what I have purchased but that wretched computer forgets nothing.

I’ve met people over the years who are just like that computer.

They have an incredible capacity for remembering the smallest details of times, places, who was there, what was said etc. The key feature of this capacity is that it invariably relates to hurts. They remember all the negatives done to them. They take every opportunity to rehearse the details to anyone who will listen (or who appears to listen!)

The Apostle Paul didn’t have a computer to illustrate his point but he did understand about the principle. In 1 Corinthians 13/5, referring to the nature of love, said “…and it keeps no record of being wronged.”

If you are a person who keeps up-to-date lists (mental lists) of the wrongs done to you over the years and you keep them alive and well by constantly mulling over them and telling others who appear to be a wiling audience, it is a fairly safe bet that you have an incomplete and thwarted experience of God’s love in your life. He forgives you but you choose not to forgive others?  What’s wrong with this picture?

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