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Ministry Resources

Ministry Resources



Our intention here is to provide a range of ministry resources that are offered with the hope that they will assist Church Leaders with outlines for Small Group Bible Encounters, basic training materials for ministry in the Church, preaching outlines and seminar outlines for Christian Growth and maturity.

They are not meant as a substitute for one's personal exploration of the Scriptures but as an incentive to do that very thing - to search the Scriptures and encourage God's people to do likewise!

Currently there are 19 sets of Bible Study Encounters, 3 sets of seminar teaching on Christian growth and some extensive teaching manuals on Prayer Ministry. We continue to add to these resources as time permits.



5 random Ministry Resource articles:

  • Why Do The Wicked Prosper? (7)25/2/2011

    I like the expression, "the attitude of gratitude". It is that attitude which now begins to emerge as the truth of the destiny of the wicked begins…

  • Found Faithful To God20/4/2017

    It is getting quite yellow around the edges. Which is no surprise, given its age. No, it’s not our certificate wedding (although that, too…

  • Leaders24/5/2017

    These articles have been prepared with Church leaders in mind. They are reflections on issues that particularly impact the perspective and ministry…

  • 5. Meanwhile, Back at Headquarters3/11/2015

    INTRODUCTION: Saul is back in his home town, Tarsus. Peter, at this stage, is travelling the countryside. It would seem that the flow of conversions…

  • 7. The Storm Clouds Gather4/9/2015

    ACTS 5/17-42 INTRODUCTION: There are few more scary sights than a religious leader filled with jealousy! One of those more scary sights would…

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