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Our intention here is to provide a range of ministry resources that are offered with the hope that they will assist Church Leaders with outlines for Small Group Bible Encounters, basic training materials for ministry in the Church, preaching outlines and seminar outlines for Christian Growth and maturity.

They are not meant as a substitute for one's personal exploration of the Scriptures but as an incentive to do that very thing - to search the Scriptures and encourage God's people to do likewise!

Currently there are 19 sets of Bible Study Encounters, 3 sets of seminar teaching on Christian growth and some extensive teaching manuals on Prayer Ministry. We continue to add to these resources as time permits.



5 random Ministry Resource articles:

  • A Passion For The King22/11/2010

    If I mentioned his name, many of you who have been involved in Christian leadership for some time would almost certainly recognize it. But the man…

  • Spiritual Gifts (6) - Prophecy7/10/2009

    SPIRITUAL GIFTS (6) PROPHECY INTRODUCTION: All spiritual gifts are open to misuse and abuse. However, abuse does not invalidate the right…

  • Passion Is Knowing One Thing23/11/2010

    In a world that is easily fragmented & distracted, it is hard for us to be really focused & centred. Yet passion, by its very nature, is…

  • Gideon: An Unlikely Hero12/5/2010

    The Bible present its heroes in very down-to-earth terms. More often than not strength and weakness fluctuates in the same person. There is an…

  • Worthy Worship 4 Priority29/5/2017

    Read and discuss the following statement. Do you agree or disagree? For my part I believe that the worship of Almighty God, our Heavenly…

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