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Lord, I have to acknowledge that I often find it so difficult to pray, let alone to pray without ceasing. I sometimes feel a sense of relief when some other legitimate - even "spiritual"  - option pops into my mind. I love you. I need you. In my deepest being I know you love me and you want to spend time with me. Yet my own heart is so fickle when it comes to spending time with you.

Father God, I guess I have been much the same over the years with my wife, too. Yet communicating at depth and with any degree of consistency is something that I have not done well or often.

Lord, I look back and I find that doing things for Bev comes easier than devoting quality communication time with her. Yet her desire has been that I do less for her and spend more time with her.

Is that the way it is with you and me, Lord? Am I too programmed into doing things for you and not spending time with you?

Change my heart, O God, and enable me to co-operate with that process. Please place within my heart a passion to be with you that is greater than my need to work for you.


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