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The Journey Continues (1)

This article marks the beginning of a new focus. A significant number of our readers who have journeyed with Bev and I through what is now called “Our Journey Through the Valley”, have asked if I have any intention of keeping a record of that continuing journey.

I have taken on board the encouragement to do so. In your visits to Barney look for the heading, “The Journey Continues” with each addition numbered – just like I did with the Journal”.



Written over the main entrance of Disney Land in Los Angeles, California, you will find these words

"Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy".  

Ø I have met some people over the years who have passed through an emotional gateway over which those words may well be written…..they enter and live as permanent residents rather than as temporary visitors.  In the world of yesterday their past becomes their prison and they are not free to fully live in the present because the past constantly invades and sabotages the present.


Ø Then there are those who enter the world of tomorrow and fantasy. They seem to be always talking about what they will do when "their ship comes in". Theirs is a world of unrealistic dreaming.   Is it wrong to dream? Certainly not! Dreams and hopes can provide a lot of positive motivation for the present and the future. What we need to avoid is building "castles in the air" and then taking up residence in them. Fantasy then becomes the landlord and the psychiatrist collects the rent!  

Summary: Disneyland is a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there!

I have to face the possibility that I am capable of becoming like either person I’ve described above.

I can choose to live in my yesterdays OR I can choose in live in the fantasy world of my imaginary future.

​The even better choice is to live in the present with a healthy balance of past and future.

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