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I guess my current perspective began that day when the medical specialist told us that Bev had Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and she would (perhaps) have 1-3 years to live.

She died two and a half years later.

Bev’s death ushered me into the world of tomorrow in the sense that I began to anticipate the Lord’s Return and the reunion that awaits all those who are believers. Heaven became that much more precious knowing that Bev was with our Lord.

It is hard for me to admit that I have been struggling with what is arguably the greatest challenge of my life and to my faith.

“I’m scared and intimidated by the thought that I might be wrong and none of this is true! I’ve lived these past 2+ years (following her death) believing that Bev continues to exist. I can’t accept the possibility or idea that she has just past into oblivion and is nothing….nowhere”

There, I said it!

Alone in my unit, I spoke the words above out loud. They constituted a confession. As best I can recall, I’ve never questioned what I believe the Bible teaches on the themes of death, life-after death, the Lord’s Return, the final resurrection and the eternal state of believers.

As a Pastor I’ve taught these truths in all the churches where Bev and I have served over 40 years. I’ve affirmed these truths at funerals, in families struggling with grief through death.

I can’t recall a time, event or circumstance when I have found myself questioning the reality and strength of my convictions.

Until now.


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