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The Lord is my Watchman  Psalm

The One Who watches over you

The Lord Himself watches over you

The Lord watches over your life

The Lord keeps watch over your life. Father, the fact that you are even aware of me is an awesome truth. How much greater is that sense of awe when I read that you accept responsibility to watch over me. Can there be any greater security than to know that the Lord God Almighty sets Himself to guard and protect my life? I think not!!  

Lord, I live in a world that is fearful of what each day might bring. I live in a nation and neighbourhood that has lost its way. And, frankly, I confess there are times and seasons when that same kind of fear & uncertainty lays siege to my heart and mind.  

But not today! My heart rises up and overflows with praise as I revel in the security that is mine because you, Lord, are the Watchman over my life. You never slumber or sleep. You are always on guard duty  24/7.   You stand beside me as my protection. You will not let me stumble. Whether I'm coming or going. Both now and forever.  

Let all that is within me bless Your Holy Name!   Amen and Amen.

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