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Lord, I have known you in my life since I was a teenager - some 50+ years. But there are times when, after all these years, I try to pray but I feel like a stranger in your presence. And that's not to mention the times when it feels very much like you are absent.


I know that sin contaminates our relationship. I also know that your grace is greater than all my sin. I have repeatedly experienced your enthusiasm to forgive my thoughts, words and actions that are not only co ntrary to your will but they diminish intimacy, create distance and ultimately neutralize our relationship.


But you know all this. Why am I describing what you already know? You retain your passion for our relationship to not only work but to grow. So, what's wrong with me? I still make choices that are not only unwise but that are downright foolish - even rebellious.


Yet your enthusiasm to forgive me and your passion to restore me are just like you yourself - unchanged and unchanging. I don't deserve any of this. I certainly don't understand it. All I hear from you as I wrestle with these truths sounds like this" “Don't be a stranger!"


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



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