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Questions From the Heart?


by Mike Robinson

"I really want to do that but I just don't have the time."

Despite the busyness of life and our protests to the contrary, we will always make time for what we believe is important.

For example, we may say that our family is important and that our children are special but if we do not spend quality time with them, the truth is obvious for all to see.

A friend of mine recently made this comment to me: "No one on their death bed has ever thought back on their life and said that they wish they had spent more time at the office".

Those closing years, months or minutes of life here on earth can be filled with deep satisfaction and gratitude or irreversible regret and remorse. Which of those two options you and I experience will be determined by choices we make now, not then.

I can't speak for you but I want to make decisions and commitments now that will not only be rewarding and fulfilling in the present but will minimise (if not eliminate) regret and remorse at the end of my life.

I am very aware that here in our community are people who know only too well the meaning of words like "estrangement" and "alienation" when it comes to family relationships.

You may be a mother who has not spoken to a daughter since she walked out the front door those many years ago. You could be a father who aches to be reconciled to his son but you won't make the first move to re-connect.

"But Mike, you don't understand. I was in the right. She was always  so strong-willed. She was the one who walked out. I'm not prepared to make the first move." So, what you are telling me is that you would rather live with the pride and the pain than take the risk of reaching out and possibly being rejected?

Perhaps you are a parent who is a workaholic and you are becoming aware that your children are growing so fast and there is an urgency within you that you must find ways to spend more time with your children.

Then do it! Think about the alternative if you do not take action...and take it now.

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