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by Mike Robinson

"There are no sharks around here so jump right in and enjoy yourselves". On the strength of that assurance, we put on our flippers, masks and snorkels and leapt in to about six metres of beautiful, clear Queensland water.

The underwater scenery was just magic. However, having been raised a devout coward with a highly developed sense of self-preservation, I found that the word, "sharks" kept pushing itself into my mind.

The guide for our coral-viewing excursion seemed quite confident about the fact that there were no sharks. But what if he was wrong? You know the old saying, 'There's always a first time". What if today was to be the first time for old Jaws to come and visit the area?

Well, as it happened, there were no sharks; at least, none that I saw...and you can be sure that I was more than a little observant! But later that evening, I thought about how readily we jumped into unfamiliar waters trusting the word of an unknown man who may or may not have been reliable.

In our society there are many people who give their word of assurance about this claim or that promise. Sadly, the number who can be trusted to keep their word seems to be in a state of rapid decline. The reliability of products, promises and programmes together with those who make them are a vanishing breed.

But I have found someone who is as good as his word. In my experience he has honoured every commitment he has ever made. I have checked with others who know him and they have confirmed my findings. His record of reliability is 100% and that is a great record.

On the strength of his word and assurance, I have taken more than one of life's great plunges and made some life-changing decisions and commitments.

So, let me urge you to get pen and paper and write his name down so you can get in touch with him quickly. Are you ready?

Jesus Christ.

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