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  • JOURNAL 81

    5 April, 2016

    JOURNAL  81

    To my life’s partner

    How I miss you!!,

    As I’ve indicated in the last couple of letters, sweetheart, I am reading what I can from our combined journal of 12 months ago. This takes on greater significance the closer we get to April 12th. I have to say, love, that I find myself often wondering “Where is Bev right now?” What is she doing right now?”

    I know what the ‘theologically correct’ answers are to those questions. But sometimes theology, while addressing the ‘mind’ questions is unable to satisfy the heart longings. Of which I have not a few these days.

     Do you remember just before you died – maybe 3 weeks (?) – you said to me as I strained to hear your words, “Don’ let people refer to my death as “passed on” or “passing away”. Call it for what it is. Use the words “Died” “Dead” “Death”. We came to see that death finally is our servant to usher us into the Lord’s Presence. (Even that phrase, going into the Lord’s Presence came under your scrutiny. You would say, “That’s where I’ve lived most of my earthly life!”)

    It was a kind of cheeky statement because, while true in an ‘earthly sense’, His presence here cannot be compared with His Presence there,! (There I go with the theological response again!!).  It was a good reminder of a great truth.  

    Over the 12 months since your “departure” (Is that an OK word or term to use? – now whose being cheeky), I have found myself a bit agitated when folk refer to you as “lost”. “I hear you lost your wife recently” I want to respond with, “No, I know exactly where she is. She isn’t lost. It’s just that she lives in another realm!!

    I don't want to be disrespectful to the comment so I certainly don't 'correct' them.

    In so many of our conversations together and with visitors, these little gems (and not so little either.) would surface from within your heart; further evidence of the Lord bringing His work in you to completion.

    But Until Then

    You remain the love of my life





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