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    3 June, 2016

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  • JOURNAL 85

    30 April, 2016

    Hello my love,

    Yes, I know!  It has been ages since I last wrote but I have a good reason. Although I haven’t written my weekly letter to you, I have done very little else but write over the last three weeks or so.

    I have completed writing our book!  (Pauses for deafening applause…but not a sound!)

    It has been both a challenge and a privilege to revisit so many aspects of our journey together. This week I forwarded the last section of the first draft to the publisher person. We should be ready to go to print in about 2 months.

    It has been an “interesting” experience. In a way, it was like going back to see the movie for the second time. We already know the overall story but somehow there is always a line, a phrase or an insight that we missed the first time.

    I certainly found that to be the case as I re-read our journals. This task has put me in touch again with the facts, feelings and emotions of our journey. But what I have most valued has been the opportunity to gain further insight into the inspiring example that you have lived before us, sweetheart.

    I’ve  chose to divide the book into three sections

    PART 1   covers the period from diagnosis (MND) until the day you were admitted to High Care. This is appears to be about 15 months.

    PART 2  extends the time frame and covers the period from admission to High Care until your death after a further 12 months and 3 weeks covers that period of the first 12 months when I was delighted to write “Letters to Bev” – some 80 of  them, I believe.

    I have chosen 4 photos to be in the book, “Our Journey Through the Valley”. The main one was taken at the High Tea that your ladies group prepared and portrays me pushing you in your chair. It somehow it tells the story of our journey. I have also chosen one with the duckling on your shoulder nibbling your ear (lucky duck!)


    Well, I hope I can remember how to load this onto Barney,

    But until then

    You remain the love of my life,



    My memories of our life together are such a rich treasure. Reading our journal is such a great pleasure.


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