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    3 June, 2016

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    3 June, 2016

     If you were to read our journal entry for this day last year, you would read the following

    Today's instalment for “Our Journey Through The Valley" is the 125th and the final offering  concerning this 3 year saga

    Last Sunday morning at about 1.55 am in the Nursing Home Facility where she had resided for the past 12 months, my darling wife of 50 years, Beverley, died and in doing so passed into the presence of her Lord and Saviour.

    This transforming event ended a 3 year journey that has tested and tried every aspect of our faith. To be honest, I have to say that, while I never seriously considered walking away from my faith in God, I now have a new understanding of why so many people do!!

    Like many of our readers, I have found Bev's faith to be inspirational. Please don't misunderstand me. I would mislead you if I allowed the impression to form and remain of a perfect saint. (She would be the first to move to correct that image!!)

    More than once she would say to me, with tears in her eyes and anguish in her heart “I can't do this anymore".

    But she did!

    And that is what makes a man or woman of faith. That's what made Bev a woman of faith.

    Now it is 1.55am on April 12h. I am sitting by her bedside listening to her shallow breathing. Her body is taking in oxygen but cannot expel the carbon dioxide - which must soon take life.

    Her left eye opens momentarily. I'm sure she is looking at me, Oh, maybe not. I can't really be sure.

    Then her eye begins to close. Slowly. Then as it closes one can almost hear the click as the light goes out for the last time

    The resident has vacated the premises

    The journey is over.




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