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Let us be clear here. Satan is committed to our destruction. Nothing less and nothing else will satisfy him. Meantime, the battle continues on a number of fronts.

The enemy forces manoeuvre and manipulate, deceive and dominate. They infiltrate those institutions and social structures that have the greatest potential to influence the thinking and decisions of the inhabitants of this world: e.g. the media and education facilities. Through such channels the philosophies and propaganda of the dark kingdom are taught and transmitted.

However, I know how this conflict is going to end. I've read the book!!

In appealing for this kingdom recognition, I am NOT suggesting or implying that we ought to resign ourselves to the status quo, throw up our hands in horror, throw down our weapons in defeat and spend the rest of our involvement in this conflict as nothing more than prisoners-of-war. No, we are called to put on the whole armour of God and get into the battle.

If we think of our world in terms of "kingdoms in conflict", we will look at our mission in this world in combat or military terms. For example, evangelism will be seen as an invasion into enemy territory in order to declare the victory of Jesus through His death and resurrection, the goal being to liberate those who have been captured by the enemy and to see them rescued into the Kingdom of God.

Finally, consider the focus of Jesus in what we call 'The Lord's Prayer' when He taught us to pray, "Your Kingdom come, your will be done".

What is the Kingdom of God? Wherever the will of God is done, there is the Kingdom of God. Wherever the will of God is resisted or disobeyed (whatever form that may take) there is the kingdom of darkness.

So let us make this our prayer, "Lord, may Your Kingdom come among us with greater and greater power and authority so that Your will is established in the lives of more and more people".

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