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Questions From the Heart?


When the devil tempted Jesus (without success), Luke 4/13 tells us that he left Jesus until a more opportune time i.e. some future occasion when Jesus might be susceptible and vulnerable to temptation.  Satan thought  that Jesus would have been open on this occasion  when He was weakened through the 40 day fast.


It ought not to come as a surprise to us that the issue of Gay Marriage is once again on top of the social agenda. It has been there before when the advocates of this relational life style thought that their “more opportune time” had come. Boosted by results from overseas and the possibility of a “conscience vote” being afforded to parliamentarians here, they now are convinced that their time has come…at long last!!

Of course, sooner or later, they will be successful. Frankly, I’m somewhat surprised that it has taken this long. This is just another attempt to reject the Creator’s purpose and authority in our lives and relationships.

Many of those who oppose gay marriage do so on the basis of what they believe to be the teaching of God’s Word, the Bible. The major problem we face is that many of those who advocate gay marriage do not accept that the Bible has any authority in their lives. This means that any attempt on our part to explain why we are opposed to this lifestyle is unacceptable because the authority on which we base our point of view is unacceptable. Without that authority we face the situation that the people of God faced.

In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes. (Judges 21/25)

So, where does that leave us as we again face the challenge that will further blur the unique differences of male and female?

For my part, I still make the appeal to Scripture because, even though my antagonists reject that authority, I seek to explain to them the intention of the Creator in making us after His image – male and   female He created them. (Genesis 1/27). While they may reject the basis of my argument, I seek to give them an authentic, credible witness as to why I believe as I do.

My hope and prayer is that we will moved beyond the specific issue of gay marriage to the more important subject of their personal salvation.

Winning an argument is far less important than winning the life of such a person.


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