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Our Journey Through The Valley

Our Journey Through The Valley


  • JOURNAL 60

    My Darling, Well the trip to Uluru was outstanding! Pete had done all the organizing and left no stone unturned –including that stone that we used to call Ayer’s Rock. We flew out of Sydney on Sunday lunchtime and got back on Tuesday night – a 3 hour flight each way. With the…read more
  • JOURNAL 59

    Sweetheart, When people ask me how I am doing, I endeavour to respect the genuineness of their enquiry. So, rather than a simple, “I’m doing reasonably well, thanks for asking”. (For most that may be all they want to know). But for many of our closer friends I recognise that…read more
  • JOURNAL 58

    Hello my darling, Do you recall the team of intercessors who committed themselves to pray for us every day from the time of your diagnosis until you were welcomed home into heaven? Well, earlier this past week, I happened upon the folder in which I had kept copies of the correspondence we sent…read more
  • JOURNAL 57

    Hi Sweetheart, I’ve started packing my bag for the trip with Pete to Uluru come this Sunday. We will only be there about 2 days but that is time enough to get some really good photos. When it comes to packing for a trip, Pete and I are very different. Whereas I have started packing, he…read more
  • JOURNAL 56

    My darling, Your inspirational example continues to be talked about in grateful terms by many, many people. As you would expect, I talk a lot about your example and the impact it had on me. I know something of what you suffered but I was the one who asked the question, “Why? Why this kind…read more
  • JOURNAL 55

    Hi Sweetheart, I’ve been working on the draft of a Christmas card over the last week. And that may be the reason for my unexpected emotional release this morning. Much of what I am doing re Christmas are the things you & I used to do together. I have completed my mailing list. I have…read more
  • JOURNAL 54

    I’ve been wandering through your “Book of Days” again. What a treasure trove it is proving to be! My excuse is that (1) you didn’t say I couldn’t read the contents and (2) It is such a blessing to my own heart. Last night I was browsing through its pages and I came…read more
  • JOURNAL 53

    Journal 53 Hi Sweetheart, Do you recall the number of times you urged me to do more exercise, like walking as one example? Well, I went walking this afternoon. Then again, maybe you don’t recall those wishes. And that raises another question that will remain unanswered. i.e. How aware…read more
  • JOURNAL 52

    Hello again, sweetheart, I look so forward to writing these letters to you. I think it must go back to our courtship days when it was the main mode of communication because we spent most of our 4 year courtship apart. If it does nothing else, it gives me the opportunity to process some of the…read more
  • JOURNAL 51

    My Darling, Sometimes the awareness of your absence is so strong that it hurts. As with most things that hurt or cause us pain there is (usually) some kind of medication we can take that will relieve the pain. To the best of my knowledge no such relief is available for the heartache of…read more
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