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Do You Like Yourself?


How about a simple two part test?   Think of three features or qualities that you like about yourself.   Now, think of three aspects about yourself that you don't like.   Now, tell me, which part of the test did you find most difficult? The first, right?You might be stunned by the number of people who, despite outward appearances to the contrary, struggle daily with crippling feelings of inferiority, inadequacy and low (or non-existent) self esteem.  


That sense of worthlessness undermines our potential for God and for good. A nagging sense of inferiority sabotages human relationships. People who don't like themselves are often threatened by others and easily withdraw or remain at a distance.   Our self-perception comes from a whole range of pictures, feelings and images we have accumulated over the years. The words and attitudes expressed towards us by those 'significant' people in our lives have a powerful effect upon our understanding of ourselves. If our self image is locked into the significance of our work, the opinions of others, success or failure in life's projects and other such changeable factors, we will be emotional yo-yo's all our lives.  


The key to an accurate evaluation of our worth and significance is to be found in a frame of reference that is absolutely accurate, completely reliable and totally unchangeable.The only such person who is qualified to be that frame of reference is our Maker and Creator - God Almighty.   God alone knows us through and through - warts and all! He alone can give us an accurate picture of our worth and significance as human beings. His opinion is far more vital than that of any other person - including ourselves!  


And here's the most liberating news of all; this God who knows us best loves us most.For God so loved us that He sent His only Son to be our Lord and Saviour. That should touch us all with a wonderful sense of significance in the eyes of God.   This Jesus Christ came to set us free from our self-imposed slavery to sin and rebellion and to liberate us from the dark prisons of inferiority, worthlessness and inadequacy.  


You are an unrepeatable miracle of God's creation. That's what makes you significant!!        

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