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Sometimes God confuses me. In the face of certain circumstances, He doesn't act as I would act if I was in his place. "If I was God in that situation, I would do thus and so...." I realise that is extremely presumptuous of me but it also reflects my confusion at what appears to be God's indifference to this situation or that circumstance.

Let me be the first to say that I am very glad I am not God in ANY situation!! For one thing, I am not qualified! Nonetheless, I often find myself wondering about the lack of action from heaven when so much on earth is wrong. Recently Bev and I were discussing the "condition of the world" and what needs to happen for things to be put right. About that time, we read Psalm 74 and noted that the author of the Psalm, Asaph, also seemed to struggle with the same issues.

3 Walk through the awful ruins of the city; see how the enemy has destroyed your sanctuary.  4 There your enemies shouted their victorious battle cries; there they set up their battle standards.  5 They chopped down the entrance like woodcutters in a forest. 6 With axes and picks, they smashed the carved paneling.  7 They set the sanctuary on fire, burning it to the ground. They utterly defiled the place that bears your holy name.  8 Then they thought, "Let's destroy everything!"  So they burned down all the places where God was worshiped. (Ps 74:3-8 NLT)

The conduct described in those verses is blatantly anti-God. Yet God seemed ignorant or indifferent to such defiance. Asaph couldn't understand why God remained passive while these anti-God forces intensified their crusade to obliterate the knowledge and worship of God.

9 We see no miraculous signs as evidence that you will save us. All the prophets are gone; no one can tell us when it will end. 10 How long, O God, will you allow our enemies to mock you?  Will you let them dishonour your name forever?  11 Why do you hold back your strong right hand?  Unleash your powerful fist and deliver a deathblow. (Ps 74:9-11 NLT).

Something within me resonates with Asaph's questions. He asks the questions I have often asked; 10 How long, O God, will you allow our enemies to mock you?Will you let them dishonour your name forever?  11 Why do you hold back your strong right hand?

If I was God, I'd do things differently!! Our enemies would soon feel the wrath of heaven! So Asaph now calls on God to act; something that God seems reluctant to do.

22 Arise, O God, and defend your cause.  how these fools insult you all day long.  23 Don't overlook these things your enemies have said.  Their uproar of rebellion grows ever louder. (Ps 74:22-23 NLT)

As we talked about these verses, Bev said this: "Do you think this is God turning the other cheek?" What a fascinating question!  I must admit that I have never thought of God in these terms. I need time to ponder Bev's question. But the fruit of my ponderings will have to wait until my next log entry.

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