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Welcome to Barnabas Network

Why "Barnabas"?

Barnabas was a New Testament character whose real name was Joseph but the apostles gave him the nickname, "Barnabas" which means "Son of Encouragement". We want this website to be a means of encouragement to our fellow believers and leaders.

Why "Network"?

Because we understand that our site is but one of many that seek to encourage other believers. We are just one of a “network of lighthouses” along a dangerous coastline.
We hope whatever light shines for you from this part of that network will encourage you on your journey.

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Statement of Purpose

To Support the Faithful

To be an avenue that supports and stimulates passion for Jesus Christ in the lives of all who have committed themselves to follow Him and to cheer them on life's journey as they seek to fulfill Jesus' purpose for their lives.

To Strengthen the Weary

To encourage those who are currently enduring a season of struggle and weariness to find their strength in God - especially when the winds and currents are making progress hard-going.

To Sustain the Wounded

To be an agent of God's healing for those who are casualties in the spiritual conflict in that they have suffered emotional, relational or spiritual injuries.

To Stretch the Comfortable

To sound a warning for those who have surrendered their spiritual "cutting edge" in preference for a safer or more comfortable journey and to encourage them to re-engage with their high calling.


Our Journey through the Valley

This is the title of the book I have written as a tribute to my beloved wife, Bev. The book is based upon the "letters to Bev" - a growing collection of letters that have occupied this space since her death in April, 2015. Most of the letters can be found in the book which is available for purchase on this site, through the Contact page


The Prayer Room

Reading the prayers of other fellow believers has often provided the needed ignition for my own prayers.The Psalms are the classic example of this dynamic. I invite you to come and visit and, as appropriate, make the prayers here your prayers. I'll leave the door to this prayer room unlocked so you can call in anytime. I would be delighted if some of these prayers energized your heart and relationship with God. [More]

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