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ACTION IN ACTS  (PHASE  3)                                                                                   SESSION  3


Bible Reading: Acts 14/1-28

The good news is……lots of people became believers  (14/1)

The bad news is…….lots of people didn’t  (14/2)



  1. The fact is it’s the gospel that generates division among those to whom it is offered. “……A great number of Jews and Greeks became believers. They were very receptive.

  2. “Some of the Jews, however, spurned God’s message…” . Receptive they were not!

  3. Vs. 1-4 could be written about any and every culture and people group at some stage of their existence.  

  4. Question:  Would you agree that this is the way it is in our culture at the moment or do you see things differently? What do you see at your workplace or classroom or in your social network?



  1. As is often the case, presenting the Gospel evokes a whole range of responses – from wholehearted commitment to passionate rejection.

  2. Vs.8-10 records a miracle of healing. But it produced the wrong result! The citizens of Lystra imposed their religious convictions on Paul & Barnabas claiming that they were, in fact, the Greek gods Zeus and Hermes.

  3. Sometimes we can mistake the messenger and the message and we get the two confused. 

  4. It’s a trap! Over the years, lesser men have allowed people to “worship” them. They have grown rich on the ignorance of others – especially when it comes to religion. These are the temptations of GOLD, GALS AND GLORY i.e. Money, Sex and power/influence) Take a few moments to make sure there is a common understanding in your group of the previous statement.

    Question: Can you think of any high profile names of “preachers” who have fallen as a result of one of the “terrible three”? Do you recall Simon and Elymas?  (Acts 8/9 and Acts 13/8)


  1. PAUL PREACHES AGAIN (14/11-20)

  1. However, this time, the content is more defensive and correctional.

  2. As you did in chp.13, talk about Paul’s sermon.

Question:  Does he make his case? Would you be persuaded by his argument?

  1.  THE RETURN JOURNEY  (14/21-28)

  1. Paul and Barnabas now retrace their steps. On the way out they made  many disciples (14/21)

  2. They strengthened the believers. How might they have done that? How does your Church do it?

  3. They encouraged them. They reminded them of the cost of discipleship. There is no “easy” faith

  4. They appointed Elders. Paul & Barnabas recognised the importance of leadership

  5. They committed those Elders over to the care of the Lord. NOTE “with prayer & fasting”


  1. WELCOME HOME! (14/26-28)

  1. Paul & Barnabas had a “responsibility of accountability” to the Church that sent them out.

    Question: To whom are you accountable in your Church? How do you feel about accountability?

  2. They reported everything that God had done through them. This must have excited the Church

  3. NB: “….and how He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles, too”

What happens next has the potenti

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