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 HEBREWS  10/19-39


We return to the same Bible reading as last time so as to set the scene for this journey of discovery. This journey has a present, a past, and a future.  

[1] THE PRESENT – Vs.19-25 – In the present we are told that we have certain things as a result of Christ’s sacrifice. Can you identify any of them? What is he talking about? Because of what we have, we are exhorted to do certain things. What are they?

v.22 - __________________________________________________________________________

v.23 - __________________________________________________________________________

V.24 -___________________________________________________________________________

V.25 ____________________________________________________________ _________________


A DIVERSION  (Vs.26-31)

These are very difficult verses and this is very inadequate exposition – more a passing comment. In very graphic terms, the writer urges his readers to consider the alternatives of a faith life. What have you got left?

This setting doesn’t begin to touch issues of eternal security.  Can a person be lost after being saved? But there is enough terminology in these verses to challenge anyone who presumes on the goodness of God.

“In Hebrews, there is sufficient assurance to secure the most fragile believer BUT there is enough warning to knock the smartie of his high horse.”

(Quoted from lecture notes of Rev. Eric Potter, Principal, Tahlee Bible College, 1961) 


[2]  THE PAST  (VS. 32-39)

The memories of past blessings and faithfulness can stabilise us when we are pressured

Read vs.32-34 – describe in your own words the attitude of the writer’s readers.

What was different then compared to their present perspective?


[3]  THE FUTURE (VS.35-39)

Don’t throw away your confidence – perseverence is what is needed in the face of opposition

You didn’t throw away your faith then – don’t do it now or in the future. The quote from

Habakkuk refers to his questioning God’s timing and actions.  The only response he got was “hang in there!” God’s coming and He won’t be late. He might seem late according to your time table but not according  to His.



Write down the main lesson that you sense is for you from  this session.

“Faith is spelt R.I.S.K.”  Is it?   What is the author trying to say with that tongue-in-cheek comment?



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