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Perhaps the best way to learn about spiritual gifts is to "watch them" in operation on the pages of Scripture and in the lives of people. As we begin to get into the specifics of this series, we should note two areas of caution...


a. As we noted in our last session, it is not always possible to clearly distinguish between certain gifts. There can be overlap because gifts sometimes function in groups or clusters. So don't allow definitions and categories to absorb too much time in your exploration and discussion.


b. We don't have much information about some of the gifts. We need to recognize that reality and avoid becoming too specific in those areas. Our general pattern in this and most of the coming studies in the series will be one of


i) considering a possible definition (not everyone will agree with the definitions given) and


ii) examining Scripture references that align with the definitions herein and that help us understand the nature, function and result of that particular gift.




a) Definition: "The God-given ability to rightly apply spiritual principles to contemporary situations".


b) Read the following references (or a selection of them) and discuss together the circumstances as well as the way the gift of wisdom functioned and the results

i) Genesis 41/33-40 ___________________________________________________

ii) 1 Kings 3/16-28 ____________________________________________________

iii) Acts 6/8-10 _______________________________________________________

iv) Acts 15/12-21 _____________________________________________________




a) Definition: "The God-given ability to know facts not accessible by natural means".

b) Again, consider the situation, the operation of the gift and its results.

i)2 Samuel 12/1-12 ______________________________________________

ii)2 Kings 6/8-12 _________________________________________________

iii)John 1/47-51 __________________________________________________

iv) John 4/7-19 ________________________________________________

v) Acts 5/1-11 _________________________________________________


3. THE GIFT OF FAITH (1 Cor. 12/9)


a) Definition: " The God-given ability to believe God for the seemingly impossible".

b) Some would call this the gift of vision. All believers have saving faith but some are endowed with a gift of faith or vision to a degree that is beyond the "ordinary". This gift often functions in conjunction with others.

i) Exodus 14/13-22 ___________________________________________________

ii) 2 Kings 4/11-17 ___________________________________________________

iii) John 11/38-44 ____________________________________________________

iv) Acts 9/32-35 _____________________________________________________

v) Acts 9/36-41 ______________________________________________________


FOR YOUR PERSONAL REFLECTION: During this coming week, consider the various scenarios or situations you have "visited" in this study. Imagine that scene without the presence and function of that particular gift or God-given ability. What might have been the result, for example, if the word of wisdom did not function through James in Acts 15?

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