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The Great Commandment, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength…" is the ultimate call & expression of passion for God. We are to respond to God's self-revelation with every dimension of our lives - heart, soul, mind and strength. No part of our lives is excluded from this response.


This kind of passion begins with knowing one thing (Study 1). It develops with needing one thing (Study 2).  But "needing" & "desiring" are two quite distinct realities - it is possible to need without desiring and the need goes unmet. The 3rd part of the overall thesis in these four studies is "a passion for the King matures by desiring one thing". Let's learn about spiritual desire from the heart & pen of King David.


Read Psalm 27


[1]   A KINGDOM CONFIDENCE     (Read vs.1-3)


a. The confidence that so obviously permeates this Psalm springs from David's passionate relationship with God


b. "The Lord is my light…my salvation…my stronghold" - it's a confidence in God - a kingdom confidence that removes all fear of threat. God doesn't promise to remove the threat but He will work with us to remove the fear.


c. "When evil men…enemies…foes…army…war break out against me, even then will I be confident".


d. What a great picture of faith in God in the presence of opposition & adversity - a faith or confidence that was born in relationship.


e. Such a Kingdom perspective or worldview is only possible within a relationship with the King Himself.


f.  Was David recalling the defeat of Goliath? David certainly had seen that God was greater than any opposition. He had been delivered time and again from some pretty scary situations.


Read 1 Samuel 17/34-37


[2]  A KINGDOM DESIRE   (Read vs.4-8)


a. To "seek" the Lord involves an active, single-minded passion that has priority over all else. When we, (like Martha in study 2), allow ourselves to be pulled in numerous directions at one time, passion struggles to focus and its energy begins to diminish.


Like Mary, David understands the priority of the "one thing". He affirms his commitment to that one thing.


b. "Seek…dwell…gaze" - this involves the allocation of quality and quantity time.This kind of focus can't be rushed.


*SEEK- seek His face (presence) always (1 Chr.16/11). This 'pursuit of God' won't happen unless we desire to do so. "But what if the desire for God is just not there?"  If you are in a group, discuss how you would respond to this question.


*DWELL - this is not a quick visit - Jesus calls us to abide in Him (John 15). As with any relationship - human or divine - we need to place ourselves where we will be with that other person or persons.


*GAZE - Likewise, this is more than a quick glance - it involves quality time, a long, lingering gaze that takes in all the beauty and attractiveness of the object of our gaze.


Read James 1/23-25.


c. Heartfelt worship, praise & celebration are the children of those intimate times with the Lord. One reason why worship becomes mundane and heartless is that we don't know the Lord closely.


e. V.8 - notice the heart instruction that David whole-heartedly and passionately obeys.


[3]   A KINGDOM PRAYER    (Read vs. 9-12)


a. This is the one part of the Psalm that is actually framed as a prayer & reveals David's true fear.


b. That fear was not of armies, enemies or adversity - it was the fear of missing God's presence (V.9)


c. What does the presence of the Lord mean to you? Is it just a comforting, optional extra or is it a consuming passion? It was this very kind of prayer that kept David's passion alive. It is this very kind of prayer that the Lord loves to answer. Remember, He is far more passionate about us and our relationship with him than we will ever be about Him.


d. Knowing that He has promised never to leave or forsake us can make us complacent (Heb.13/5)


e. There are few greater tragedies in any love relationship than the loss of romance & passion


[4] A KINGDOM INVITATION      (Read vs. 13,14)


a. "Wait for the LORD; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD". Desire, longing, pursuit always have an element of "waiting", especially when it comes to ur relationships. "Wait patiently for the Lord"




1.  A passion for the King matures by desiring one thing - this is process as in any relationship


2.Let's ask the King to create & strengthen within us a new desire to press into His heart.

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