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The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the God who is holy, who is love, who is just, who is gracious, who is powerful, who is compassionate.

Behold, your God!

But how does belief in this God impact my life? How will I be different? In this final session we focus on 4 key questions asked by Paul and relevant to us. I am indebted to Jim Packer and his book, "Knowing God". If the outline I have used here looks remarkably like his, there's a reason for that!!


"If God is for us, who can be against us?"

a. Here is the assurance that no opponent or opposition can finally crush or destroy us.

b. This holy, loving, just, gracious, powerful, compassionate God is for us!! That's it!! Check these verses for the same truth.

*Psalm 27/1 - the Lord is my light, salvation, stronghold - who or what need I fear?

*Psalm 46/1 - God is our refuge, strength, helper - therefore, we will not fear

*Psalm 56/3,4 - When I am afraid I will trust in God….what can mortal man do to me?

c. This is the solid basis of confidence that neutralises the power of fear & panic

d. 2 Chron.32/7,8 - the supremacy of our God brings peace concerning final outcome


"If God gave His son for us…will He not also give us all things?"

a. The assurance here is that no good or needful provision will finally be withheld from us. Paul's argument is that it would be totally inconsistent of God to meet our greatest need (of salvation) but ignore the lesser ones.

b. "All things" refers to everything needful for us to be and to do all in God's purpose for us

c. Important that we stay focused on source of provision, not the means of provision


"Who will bring any charge….who will condemn those God has chosen?"

a. The assurance now is that no accusation or condemnation will ever change our status as God's people.

b. If God has justified us through the death, resurrection, intercession of Jesus, why should we fear accusations & condemnations - from any source, including God & ourselves!

c. Nothing or no one can ever get God to change His mind & reverse "Not Guilty" verdict

d. Romans 8/1 - this is where the chapter began - free from the law that condemns


"Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?"

a. This assurance is that nothing & no one can ever sever us from the love Christ has for us  *Trouble *Hardship *Persecution *Famine *Nakedness *Danger *Sword *Angels or Demons *Present or Future *Powers *Heaven or Hell

b. Paul is at pains to underline that "NOTHING" can ever isolate us from Christ's love

APPLICATION: "I believe in God"!  That's great! But is this God the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the Scriptures and in the life and ministry of Jesus.


Is he the creation of your own mind, made in your image so that he can serve you? How would my life & outlook change if I really believed these truths?

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