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I have had a few of my colleagues ask me in recent times if I have written any study material on the matter of giving. My answer, somewhat to my surprise, was that I had not done so to this point.

As I pressed them for the energy behind their request they indicated that they were concerned about some of the attitudes that seemed to have permeated the thinkiing (and therefore the practice) of individuals, families and especially the way their whole congregation seemed to have moved back from the edge of faith in the decisions that they were making.

Having noted the number of independent requests, I set out to respond to this theme. 

It is a much bigger subject than first appears to be the case!!

I have narrowed my points of reference to focus on what I believe to be a critically important emphasis.  And that is the nature of and the difference between OWNERSHIP  and STEWARDSHIP. I have come to see that if we get that right, the rest of this huge suject will begin to fall into place.

I offer to you what could be 5 studies which, with appropriate adjustments to suit your situation could be worthwhile for Home Groups.


Mike Robinson

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