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Nehemiah 2/1-20  



Nehemiah was a man with a burden from God and a heart for the welfare of God’s people. When he was first alerted to the situation back in Judah, he immediately expressed the burden in prayer. All effective work in God’s Kingdom invariably has a strong prayer dimension. It is in prayer that we can become aligned with what God wants to do. This is where we gain a “Kingdom perspective” and begin to see GOD’S solution to the situation. Nehemiah was a man of prayer; that fact is evident right through this book. But true prayer always leads to action, sooner or later.  

1. Let’s look at these 20 verses from Nehemiah 2.   Let’s be alert for any expressions or phrases in the various translations that add clarity for our understanding. Is there one verse that impresses you or ‘grabs’ your attention....a verse that you think is quite significant? Which verse and why is that?  

2. Like the rest of the human race - Christians included! - Nehemiah was a man with emotions. Read the following verses and identify any emotions you detect - implicit or explicit.







3. Nehemiah’s request to the King came in two parts. The first part (vs.4,5) was dangerous enough! Why do you think Nehemiah was afraid of the King’s reaction recorded in v.2?

The second part (vs.7-9) saw Nehemiah go out on a long, thin limb! He was asking “over and above”. What do you learn about how we are to ask in prayer from Ephesians 3/20 and Philippians 4/6

4. As one commissioned by God to lead God’s people on a particular mission, Nehemiah evidences specific leadership qualities. What are some you have noted thus far?

5. Think again about verses 11-18 and jot down what you observe about Nehemiah’s approach to his task.

6. God’s work is never without opposition. Never! Read again vs.10 and 19. What form did the opposition take initially?  How did Nehemiah respond to the opposition?  


1. I am not Nehemiah. However, if there is one quality that I see in him that I would ask the Lord to develop in me, it is.....??

  2. Nehemiah was a man of vision. Yet his vision was birthed in prayer. Do you have a vision for anything in the Kingdom of God?  If “yes”, what is it?  If “no”, are you prepared to pray until God births a vision within your heart?  

3. Are you aware of opposition in your Christian life? your family? the Church? Have you identified what form it takes? How do you deal with it? What can you learn from Nehemiah’s response to opposition?

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