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Lord Jesus, the Church where I serve is your Church, not mine. These are your people, not mine. I am with them some of the time. You are with them all of the time. I am an under-shepherd but you are the Chief Shepherd.

I ask that you will intensify your grace, vision, compassion and wisdom in me and in my fellow leaders so that we may serve the Church in humility. Enable us to serve with joy and gladness rather than a sense of obligation that robs us of laughter and fulfillment.

During this season of trial and difficulty, achieve all that you have ordained to happen in the struggle; all that could not happen without the struggle. May the Church turn to you with a renewed sense of total dependence on you. Wean us off that subtle dependence on human wisdom and leadership that develops when we think we can do your work our way.

In my absence, Lord, I ask that you will accomplish those spiritual realities in the lives of your people that would probably not be achieved if I was present. Show yourself strong towards your people.

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