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Series: Knowing God                                    LORD, SHOW US THE FATHER                                         STUDY  8                                                                                               

INTRODUCTION:                                               ROMANS 8/26-39

In this final session, we will try to identify the practical application of these studies and how they impact our lives if we take our relationship with God seriously. We will do this by exploring four questions asked by the Apostle Paul.


Question 1 “If God is for us who can be against us?”

Assurance = No opponent or opposition can finally crush or destroy us

Psalm 27/1 – the Lord is my light, my salvation, my stronghold – who or what should I fear?

Psalm 46/1 – God is our refuge, strength, helper – therefore we will not fear

Psalm 56/3,4 – When I am afraid I will trust in God

2 Chron.32/7,8 – The supremacy of our God brings peace concerning the final outcome



Question: If God gave His Son for us….will He not also give us all things?”

Assurance: No good or needful provision will finally be withheld from us

Point = It is inconsistent if God met my greatest need but ignored the lesser ones

“everything else” – i.e. everything needful for us to know and do the will of God

“ We must stay focused on the source not the means of that provision” – discuss this statement.


[3]  A QUESTION ABOUT STATUS   (vs.33,34)

Question::  “Who will bring any charge….who will condemn those God has chosen?

Assurance: No accusation/condemnation will ever change our status with God

If God has justified us through Easter events, we need have no fear of the accusations of others.

No one or nothing can get God to reverse the “Not Guilty” verdict

Romans 8/1 – this is where chapter began – free from the law that condemns us



Question:  “Can anything separate us from the love of Christ

Assurance: nothing and no one can ever separate us from the love of Christ

*Trouble  *Hardship   *Persecution   *Famine   *Nakedness   *Danger   *Sword *Angels 

*Angels or Demons   *Present or future  Powers   *Heaven or hell



a.      Reflect together over the 7 sessions in this study series. Which one contained the most helpful insight for you?

b.     Were there any insights for you about Gold that you hadn’t realised before these session?

c.      In what ways would our lives be different if we truly believed these truths about our God

d.     Do you recall the question on the first session about whether or not we worship the same God? Have these sessions helped you reach a conclusion?

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