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Lord Jesus...... .....there are times when the responsibility of leadership threatens to become more than I can handle. Communicating my heart & vision to my fellow leaders - let alone the whole church - can feel like wasted effort. At times I feel like they can't or won't try to grasp and own a passion for your Kingdom.

But then I realise that you know what it is like to lead a group of men in the ways of your kingdom. Did you ever get frustrated with them? What was happening within you on that occasion when you said to your disciples, "How long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you?"

I know you never gave up on them. You chose them at the beginning and you faithfully prepared them over those three years. You invested in them and you commissioned them. You stayed with them for the fulfilment of your kingdom vision.

Lord Jesus, please make me like you. Enable me to set an example like you set. Help me to see the potential in our leaders here and to faithfully and lovingly call out all that you have put within them. I want to be a captain-coach and cheer them on to see your dream in our hearts fulfilled to the Father's glory.


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