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Spiritual Gifts - The Church's Tool Box


With the emergence of the Charismatic movement and especially the "Third Wave" phenomenon that thrived in the latter part of the 1900's and was embraced by many evangelical churches who didn't want to go totally down the "charismatic path", there came a fascination with what were simply referred to as "spiritual gifts".


Predictably, such interest generated both good and not-so-good outcomes. The discussions often generated a lot of heat but not much light! It was because of the potential for good as well as the danger of division that I, as a Pastor, felt the constraint to prepare some basic studies for the Church that I was serving at that time. My hope in doing so was that we might maximize truth and minimize ignorance.


The offering of these studies can, at best, be but a very small contribution to the on-going exploration of this vital subject. Without a Biblical, practical and workable understanding of these issues, the Church will largely be ill-equipped for its mission in the world.

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