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ACTS 6/1-15


There were more rumblings in the new community of faith. The passages in 2/42-47 and 4/32-37 were in danger of becoming distant memories. Yet again, the focus of the tension seem to have had elements of materialism, discrimination and maybe even racism. PRINCIPLE = Everything that has a potential for good has an equal potential for evil, depending on the human factor.

Feelings were running high between the Greek-speaking believers and the Hebrew-speaking believers about the system of distribution from the common pool.

The threat factor was on the rise again. One of the more subtle traps that the Apostles faced was to be deflected from their primary task (6/2). Administration is important but it must not take precedence or priority over prayer and the teaching of God’ Word.


a. Notice the practical nature of their solution.

b. There is a result that seems to be attributed to the apostolic process. What is it?  (v.7)

c. When a Church gets its priorities right, aligned with God’s Kingdom priorities, then the Holy Spirit is free to move in power and blessing.


a. One of the seven chosen was Stephen. God had a ministry in mind for him that went far beyond running a food programme. Write down the 4 qualities mentioned regarding Stephen

1_____________________ 2. _________________ 3. __________________ 4 _______________

Since the remainder of chapter 6 and chapter 7 are taken up with Stephen’s sermon (which, incidentally, is twice the length of Peter’s Pentecost sermon), my suggestion is that you divide Stephen’s text among your group and read it through without additional comment until the end of chapter 7.

This marks the end of “Action in Acts” – Phase 1 – The Jerusalem Phase

Stay tuned for Phase 2 – The Judean/Samaritan Phase

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