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The Bible present its heroes in very down-to-earth terms. More often than not strength and weakness fluctuates in the same person. There is an integrity and an authenticity about the Biblical characters that invites us to consider their lives and learn from them because "what you see is what you get".


The story of Gideon (found in the Old Testament book of Judges) is just one example of this kind of honesty and transparency. It's a story of a man - a very ordinary man - who is a most unlikely hero. We find him hiding from his enemies and the story takes us through the process that God uses to turn this least-likely hero into a mighty warrior. 


Now that sounds like a plot worthy of a Hollywood extravaganza. But that's not the end. In fact, the end is something of an anti-climax.


This is a 5 part Bible Study designed primarily for use in Home Groups but, with a little tinkering around the edges, can readily be used in one's individual Bible study and/or personal devotions.


Whatever, I offer it to you with the prayer that it will do for you what it did for me i.e. it exposed and challenged my fear; it strengthened my faith in God and it stirred within me a conviction that God can take anyone and, with their cooperation, He can make them become what He calls them to be - in this case a "Mighty Warrior".

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