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Nehemiah 6/1-19 

INTRODUCTION.   This study continues what has become a common theme in the book of Nehemiah; namely, that those who are committed to fulfill God’s call in their lives will face resistance from a determined enemy. Sometimes that resistance will be experienced in a corporate sense with everyone feeling the pressure. At other times, the resistance and opposition will be more personal and lonely but will have to Nehemiah is about to discover!!  

1. Let’s turn again to Nehemiah, chapter 6, and read the 19 verses of that chapter.  

2.Nehemiah’s opponents now employ three different strategies to deter him from his task and to bring a halt to the work on the wall. Read the following verses and identify the nature of those tactics and explain how they would have achieved their purpose.

a. vs.1-4

b. vs.5-9

c. vs.10-13 

3. Re-consider those scenarios and identify how Nehemiah responded to each one. Are there principles here for us?

a. v. 3

b. v 9

c. v. 11 


4.We have been called to serve the Lord in different ways. What strategies does our enemy employ against us so that we give up?  

5. In what ways do the following verses relate to the theme of resistance?

a. 2 Cor.2/11

b. Eph.6/12-18

c. 1 Peter 5/8,9

c. 1 John 4/1-4  

6. Read together 1 Corinthians 15/58 and discuss the significance of this promise to the study.  


7. The main truth that comes out of this study for me is.....

8. Is there some specific area of your life and ministry in which you can now identify Satan’s tactic to get you to quit? Is there a key principle out of Nehemiah that you can take into the rest of your life?  

9.Is there some way in which you will now look at life / ministry differently as a result of this session?      

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