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It's tough enough to see bad things happening to good people. But it's made even harder when we see good things happening to bad people. There's a sense of injustice that often overwhelms us when we are confronted with such contradictions.

This 7 part series of reflections based on Psalm 73 is shared with the hope and prayer that it will make a positive contribution to the discussion on a subject which has teased and intimidated us for all generations.

I have deliberately presented it in a different format from most of the other studies in this section. For example, I have not outlined it with a range of questions. I am hoping that individuals will ponder these notes and that questions will arise from within their own experience that, in turn, will stimulate group discussion.

Psalm 73 is a gold mine of insights when it comes to this question, "Why do the wicked prosper?" Sometimes that question is asked from a heart that is filled with pain. At other times it is asked simply because of the confusion that is generated by the "unfairness of life".

May the insights shared in this series of reflections provide a new context or paradigm by which we can look at life in a new way.

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