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Hebrews 11/20-31


The last ‘major’ character that the writer brought to the attention of his readers is Moses. Others who receive passing reference are Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. But there is still another whose example must be presented to complete this gallery of people  who lived the faith life.

[1] FAITH’S DECISION (Vs.24-26)

What a statement! Moses’ parents demonstrated faith by hiding their child for 3 months after his birth

Moses refused to be identified with Egyptian royalty. It was a choice he made.

“He chose…” (v.25) to suffer oppression rather than enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin

“He was looking ahead to that great reward (v.26)  It all has to do with perspective

“He kept his eyes on the One who is invisible”…….who can only be seen through the eyes of faith.

This faith life is not an event but a process. It is a life that involves making choices, not just one choice.

[2]  FAITH’S ACTION (Vs.27,28)

a. It was by faith that Moses directed the nation to keep the Passover.

b. It was by faith that they crossed the Red Sea.

c. It was by faith that they conquered Jericho.

d. It was by faith Rahab was delivered from  death when Jericho fell to the Israelites.

e. Can you see that faith is known by its actions? In every case in these chapters, faith is known or seen     in the doing, not just in speaking or believing


Can you sense that the writer is picking up his pace now? “How much more do I need to say?” It sounds to me like, “If all these examples don’t convince you, there are a whole bunch more”!!  But instead of continuing with individual examples, he now puts on the wide angle lense and makes a series sweeping statements.  Can you recall any aspect of the lives of these people that demonstrates faith in their choices & actions?

*Gideon   *Barak   *Samson   *Jephth   *David    *Samuel    *Proph

[4]  FAITH’S GLORY STORIES  (vs. 32-35)

We love it when the “good guys” win (Vs.32-35)…..when faith results in victory and “Hallelujah”!!

 It’s easy to believe (have faith) when all is going well and we are on the winning team 

[5]  FAITH’S GORY STORIES  ( v.35-40)

 But sometimes the “glory” stories become “gory” stories. Can you see that in these verses?

Faith can be seen in both – glory and gory – often  more in the latter than the former.

 But when faith’s dynamic becomes a trial of faith, that’s when faith goes deeper into God.

Has there been in your life a person or persons whose stickability in difficult circumstance has challenged and inspired you? Can you recount to your group members the impact that such a person had upon you?


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