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One of the most amazing truths to emerge out of both the Old & New Testaments is the fact that the People of God are a Chosen People. In the Old Testament, the nation of Israel was chosen by God to be an instrument of His purposes in the world. In the New Testament, it is the Christian Church that has been chosen. (the New Israel of God - Galatians 6/16)  


We usually struggle with the idea of being "chosen" because it has overtones of pride and suggests the superiority of some and the inferiority of others. But a Biblical truth ought not to be ignored or abandoned because of inadequate understanding or application. Because this truth is foundational to our identity and security, we want to pursue the truth that we are a Chosen People and to explore the implications of that for us as we seek to be God's people in our community and our world.   


Take time to read the following passages (or a selection of them) so that you can see the scope of this great truth.  


(1) DEUTERONOMY 7/6-9   Moses is strongly making a number of points to the Israelite nation as they stand on the borders of the Promised Land immediately before Joshua led them across the river into the land.  Discuss the following.....   What words does Moses use to describe the nation? (v.6)  


1. _________________2. _________________3. ____________________  


b. Why would Moses include a statement like that found in v.7?  



c. The basis of God's choice of the nation of Israel was His __________ (v.8) and His_________________(v.9)  


d)"The reason God chooses a people for Himself is to be found in His characterand nature, not in anything they are or have done".

"Do you agree or disagree?  


(2)  JOHN 15/12-17   We are aware of the circumstances in which Jesus chose His disciples.   (Mark 3/13-19 and Luke 6/12-16).  In this last poignant moment that Jesus spent with His disciples before His death, He reminded them that their discipleship was at His initiative, not theirs.    

  1. Why would Jesus want (or need) to remind them that they had not chosen Him?



b.  Why were they chosen? ______________________________________  


c.  To what was Jesus referring in the phrase "fruit that will last"?  



(3)  1 CORINTHIANS 1/26-31   In this passage, we encounter the idea that we are not only "chosen" but "called".  Do you detect any distinction there?  To these Corinthian believers Paul repeatedly uses the phrase, "...God chose..."  


a) As you read Paul's description of the congregation there at Corinth, how would you describe the make-up or membership of the Church?   __________________________________________________________  


b) According to these verses, why did God choose them?  



(4)EPHESIANS 1/3-14   Here is another local Church...and another group of people...another emphasis on being chosen by God.  


a.  When had God chosen them? (v.4) _______________________________  


b. Why had God chosen them? (vs. 4,11,12)__________________________


(5)  1 PETER 2/4-10   Here we discover "chosen" being used in reference to Jesus Christ (vs.4,6) and ourselves (v.9).  


a.Identify the four-fold description given to believers in v.9.

1.  _____________________________2.  __________________________


3. ____________________________4. __________________________  


c.  According to v.9, why have we been chosen?  



CONSIDER   Look around the room.  You are looking at people who are "the people of God".  Each one who is a disciple of Jesus Christ has been chosen by God in Him. That includes you!  How do you respond to the fact that you have been chosen by God to be one of His people?  Circle the word that best describes your response to God's choice of you to be His precious possession?   

Privilege               Unworthy                 Pride                       Unbelief                            

Resistance            Gratitude                 Humility                     Praise  


While we should receive this truth as having personal application to our individual lives, it is most often presented in Scripture in its corporate application i.e. as applying to the whole people of God.   What impact or effect do you believe such a truth ought to have upon your local Church?   As the people of God...  


a. How should we act towards each other?  Be specific in your answer and endeavour to give a practical example.  Name one change that you believe is necessary in your Church Family if you are to truly live out what it means to be the people of God.  


b.How should we act in our community?What does it mean to "declare the praise of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light"?    



  1. Genesis 15/1-20
  2. Exodus 24/3-11
  3. Matthew 26/20-30
  4. 1 Corinthians 11/23-32
  5. Hebrews 7/17-22
  6. Hebrews 8/1-13
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