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Now that I am a grandfather, there are few things that give me more delight than to take photos of my family and show them to any willing viewers - or even the unwilling ones. To watch the development of my children and grandchildren is something that I love to share with others - with or entirely without their permission!


Photo Albums are a rich source of pleasure. There would be few who would argue that Paul's letter to the Ephesians gives us some of the richest insights into the nature and purpose of the Church. I like to think of this inspired book as being something like a photo album - God's photo album of His Church.


Some years ago Bev and I visited one of our children in the Northern Territory of our country of Australia. In more recent years, that part of our country has become a major tourist destination so it was not surprising while we were there to see television advertisements for all kinds of tourist companies and activities.


One such commercial depicted a cloud of dust on the horizon which grew larger as the cause of the dust cloud drew closer. As the dust settled, the image of an old, beat-up bus materialised. On the side of the bus was the name of the tourist company; "Tornado Tours"! The passengers had hardly enough time to get out of the bus and take a quick photo before their tour guide hassled them back onto the bus and then disappear in yet another cloud of dust.


Obviously the advertisement was not for Tornado Tours but another company that claimed to treat you much better. I invite you to join me on a pictorial journey through the six chapters of this album.


Unfortunately, our journey will not be unlike Tornado Tours! We won't be pausing long at each photo. You will have time for just a quick snapshot before we move onto the next scene. However, I trust that each photo will capture your imagination and your heart just enough for you to return at your leisure so that you can linger longer over the richness of each scene.


Although a particular photo or image may be found in one specific chapter (eg. The Church, His Body in chapter 1), we will be looking elsewhere in the letter for other insights into that one particular image.


I hope you enjoy the journey through God's photo album of His Church. I think you might be surprised at how much He loves His Church. But then again, maybe it will simply confirm what we already knowi.e. He loves His Bride and the day is coming when she (the Church) will be presented to Him faultless.

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