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1 Corinthians - Grow Up In Love


I've long been fascinated by this letter of Paul to the believers in Corinth. On the one hand it was a Church that was alive and vital, blessed with all the gifts of the Spirit. Yet, on the other hand, it was a community that was, in many ways, immature, self-centred and quite carnal in attitudes and actions.


So far as these 8 studies are concerned, I want to acknowledge my indebtedness for the outline format in each study to Peter Wagner and a book he wrote quite some years ago called, "A Turned-On Church In An Up-Tight World". (At least, I think that was the title!!)


The notes in these studies do not pretend or presume to be the final word on any of the topics. They probably raise as many questions as they answer. However, they are offered to you with the hope that you and your people will find that they at least provide enough substance to generate discussion and exploration of the text of Scripture and, more to the point, sufficient practical application to make them life-changing.

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