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In our first session examining the three questions that emerge from Mark 5, the first question was very confronting and personal. The next question is very embarrassing and awkward. Two of the three events recorded in Mark 5 are about to intersect because of 2 seemingly unconnected events that took place 12 years previously.

* A baby girl was born into a very religious family - she was the only daughter of Rev & Mrs Jairus (Luke 8/41,42)

* An unnamed woman noticed that her menstrual cycle was dysfunctional and this concerned her greatly. Now, 12 years later, Rev. Jairus and the unnamed woman were to meet at Jesus' feet as they desperately sought His help.


a. For 12 years this woman had suffered from a debilitating, desolating, devastating disease. But the disease itself was only part of her suffering.

b. Because of her culture, the impact of this disease went way beyond anything we imagine. Read v. 26

*PHYSICALLY - she grew weaker and worse - all human resources were powerless to help. Recall the case of Legion? Every human endeavour proved futile. The medical profession were at a loss to help. She was terminally ill.

*FINANCIALLY - her condition had impoverished her - she was financially ruined & bankrupt

*SOCIALLY - she was an outcast. She was considered "unclean" and her condition would have dramatically effected family relationships as well as community acceptance.

*SPIRITUALLY - she was considered ceremonially unclean and unable to attend the Temple or synagogue

c. Like Legion, no part of her life was free from crippling impact of her condition.

d. She had in her the sentence of death. It was just a matter of time and inevitable without miracle.

e. She is a picture, a living parable, of what sin does to us - the spiritual disease that effects us all.

f. It's worth comparing her condition with that of Legion (Vs.1-20). What similarities and differences do you find?

[2]  THE CLUTCH OF FAITH  (vs.27-29)

a. What can she do? Where can she turn? Is it totally hopeless? Is there anything she can do? No, she has already done everything. With one exception. And she is about to correct that exception.

b. Notice v.27 - "...when she heard about Jesus..." - someone was talking about Jesus! Whether that was directly to her or she overheard it we have no way of knowing. But somebody witnessed to her about Jesus.

c. Do you see the importance of our testimony? She probably would have died were it not for her hearing of Jesus.

d. What drove her to Him? Why was she willing to risk public humiliation before that crowd? 

*A deep sense of need.

*A passionate, urgent conviction"If I can just touch his clothing, I will be healed." (v.28)

e. Despite the obstacle of the crowd, she clutched/gripped Jesus' outer robe as He walked along. "Touched" is too tame to translate the Greek word used here!

f. The clutch or grip of faith. This is the faith that responds, it does something - we have to reach out.


a. Jesus is always sensitive to the hurts, needs and pain of others. The sense I get is that the others in the crowd were oblivious to the unfolding drama. They were caught up with the Jairus scenario. Until Jesus asked the question!

b. "Who touched my clothes?" I don't know if Jesus already knew the answer to His question or if He was genuinely unaware. I suspect He did know but He asked the question anyway. Why?

c. Why did Jesus ask the question? Why not leave her to retreat quietly back into the crowd? How embarrassing!! Consider the following possibilities

*Jesus most often called people publicly. Here was the first opportunity for her to share what Jesus had done Here's the possible principle behind the question: Discipleship kills secrecy or secrecy kills discipleship.

*Such a declaration as she made seals and secures transaction with assurance and certainty

*He may have been creating an opportunity for Him to correct any false ideas that are birthed in superstition re healing. (faith, not magic)

*Open confession is part of conversion - Romans 10/9,10. Others in the crowd may have needed to hear about Jesus just like she had done.

*She would have missed the beautiful benediction of v.34 - "Go into peace....."


1. Many people thronged Jesus that day...but only one "touched" Him - really touched Him.

2. It is possible to be in 'Jesus crowd' but never really touch Him and be made whole.

3. Have you reached out to Jesus to make your life whole?  You can do

4. If you have, do others know about the change in your life? Parents? Workmates? Friends?

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