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In the previous two sessions focused on Mark 5, we watched Jesus exercise power over demons and disease. The question Jesus now asks introduces us to the big one! The greatest enemy of all is death. We now watch Jesus exercise power as He reverses the death sentence in a 12 year old girl, brings her back to life and, in the process, gives us a new understanding of death.

[1]  THE NEED OF JAIRUS  (21-23)

a. In just about every way we could imagine, Jairus was very different from Legion and the woman. Consider their respective backgrounds. Think about those differences but also identify any similarities.

*He was a kind of a "clergyman". He was religious, influential, respected in community.

*He now faced a crisis that even his religion was powerless to resolve.

*If Legion and the unnamed woman (our two previous case studies)

b. Such crises are great equalisers. They demolish all man-made distinctions & categories

e. There is no room for religious pride at the feet of Jesus - cf. Nicodemus, Saul of Tarsus

f. It's a welcome crisis if it removes all the barriers that prevent us from coming to Jesus


a. " Jesus went with him..." (24) - an immediate response? It doesn't always seem that way!!

b. There was an immediate response but it was followed by a very unwelcome delay...or was it? Can there be value in delays? Maybe a visit to John chapter 11 will give us the clue we need. The mercy mission was delayed which, given the gravity of the situation, was the last thing Jairus needed...or was it?

d. Here's something that I think is worth noting: Because of this delay, Jairus heard the woman's testimony of Jesus' power to heal. Was this a provision that Jairus needed?


a. The same delay that witnessed the miracle of healing also provided the setting for message of death. v.35  "Your daughter is dead". 

b. The crowd begins to react as news of his daughter's death impacts Jairus. The mission is a failure.

c. As the "death" message begins to numb his mind, another message tries to penetrate his thoughts

*DON'T BE AFRAID.." - nothing terrifies the heart with fear/hopelessness like the reality of death

*JUST BELIEVE"- It was as though Jesus was saying: "Jairus, hold on to the faith that brought you to me in first place. Hang on".

d. The same man who healed the woman now calls Jairus to remember that and keep believing

e. Note: the conflict between two messages that Jairus faces - he can't accept both - what a choice!

*SERVANTS - "She's dead! There's no point in bothering Jesus anymore. Give it up & come home"

*JESUS = Don't give up now! Hold on to your faith! Choose faith rather than fear.

[4]   THE MIRACLE OF NEW LIFE  (37-43)

a. Into this scene of tragedy, death and mourning, Jesus' question comes like an unwelcome intruder

b. "Why all this commotion & wailing?" How insensitive! How cruel! How ignorant! It's almost as though He is in denial Himself.

c. But Jesus looks at death very differently to us - "She is not dead; she is asleep". This doesn't mean that Jesus believed in the doctrine of "soul sleep". Also read John 11/11-15 for confirmation of this concept. Consider this interpretation:

As you people understand death, she is irreversibly and permanently lifeless. As I understand death, what has happened is temporary and reversible. She will awaken from like someone waking from sleep.

d. The question that Jesus asked & the explanation He offered drew a line between faith & unbelief.

e. For almost all of them the question gained a response of unbelief.

f. That unbelief put most of them outside presence of a miracle - and nothing much has changed in our time.

g. As if to prove His statement, the Creator spoke the command...the miracle happened...and Author of life conquered death.


1.Jesus conquers death - the last and greatest enemy of all.

2. He conquers spiritual death now - you can be born again this very day by power of the Holy Spirit

3. He will conquer physical death then - at final resurrection when death ceases to be reality.

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