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Tracking the preparation of Joshua for his leadership role takes us back into book of Exodus where we discover that Joshua was an “apprentice” or “aide” to Moses. Joshua is first mentioned as a warrior leader against the Amalekites in Exodus 17/8-16. Then in Exodus 33/7-11 we get a further glimpse into Joshua’s heart. What do you learn about Joshua from that passage?

But the key passage is found in Numbers 27/12-23 where Moses asks God to appoint a leader who would lead the people in the conquest of Canaan. So Joshua’s appointment was not haphazard. Whether Moses was deliberately ‘grooming’ or ‘mentoring’ Joshua might be a moot point. But Joshua was watching and learning from Moses “from his youth”.



a.   “I promise you…wherever you set foot you will be on land I have given you”

b. God's promises are like invitations to work with Him– they aren’t automatically fulfilled.

c. God’s promise + our faith and obedience = fulfilment. They are limited only by our faith

d. Read 2 Kings 4/1-6  God’s supply is limited only by the number of containers we bring.



a. An Assurance of God's Power (v.3) "...I will give you..." God has the power to do what He promises to do. God is not a spectator. Without Him we can do nothing  (John 15/5).

b. An Assurance of God's Presence (v.5) "...I will be with you..."

*Read Exodus 33/12-16 and Matt. 28/20 –  His presence is what makes us different.

*The key to effective leadership is not personalities & programmes but God’s continuing presence

c. An Assurance of God’s Purpose (v.6) " will lead these people to inherit the land..."

The goal of true leadership = – the leader serves the people and guides them to experience their inheritance. What is this inheritance?  (1 Peter 1/3-5)



In fact the command is three-fold

a. Be Strong (6, 7, 8) - 3 times is significant - fear/discouragement are a leaders greatest enemies

b. Be Courageous (6, 7 ,9) - again, 3 times - courage involves risk of faith - pressing on against the odds

c. Be Careful (7, 8) - to meditate on God' word and to obey it - key to Kingdom success in leadership


[4] THE CALL INVOLVES A RESPONSE (vs.10, 11; 16-18)

What will Joshua and the people do with this call? Will this new generation advance or retreat?

a. Joshua’s response  was immediate obedience. He was confident that God would do as He said (v.11)

b. People’s response  was also whole-hearted "whatever...wherever'' They had one condition = "that the Lord is with you". i.e. Effective leaders are known by their relationship with God


FINALLY… would you write down in a brief sentence anything in this session that challenges you or that encourages you or that requires some action from you.

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