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There is something about the Old Testament book of Nehemiah that keeps us coming back to the example of this extraordinary but very practical character.

His memoirs (because that's what this book is) remind me of the New Testament book of James - again, very practical and down-to-earth.

The notes in this 7 part study are quite basic. They are filled with questions more than answers - questions designed to help you reflect on the recorded events and to apply those reflections to your own life and service for God.

If you plan to use them in a small group setting, I would encourage you to provide that group with some of the historical background and setting for the events recorded in the book of Nehemiah. The events took place in time and space and ought not to be considered outside of their historical setting.

Having said that, there are principles here that are timeless in their application to the people of God and their service in the Kingdom of God.

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