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ACTS   3/1-16


The vitality of this new group in town is soon recognised as life in the Spirit overflows into the community generally. There is a dynamic that is undeniable. This is the New Covenant that replaces the Old Covenant. Make a serious effort to “get into the story” – talk about your reactions and feelings


a) This man, crippled from birth about 40+ years previously, is expecting to receive money from Peter and John. Every day was “Ground Hog Day” – deadly, soul—destroying pattern of existence.

b) Week after month after year he begged for a living. Matthew 6 identifies the 3 key religious practices that Jews saw as compulsory. Can you see them?  This beggar had a prime location for his begging?

1. ________________________    2.__________________________   3. _______________________

This was to be his last day as a beggar!!  What he needed was a power that could change his condition rather than sustain his condition


a) Read John 21/18-22   Do you get the sense that there may have been some tension between Peter & John? But in 3/1 they seem to be a team – united in heart and mind and in purpose.

b) There is no suggestion at this stage that they would cease to be Jews or participants in the Temple Worship. The concept of the “Church” as a separate entity was not yet on their radar. They were still following their Jewish traditions, despite the impact of the events in Acts 2

c) This man could have been considered a nuisance, an interruption on their way to “Church”. Talk together about the man’s responses when Peter said. “Look at us!” (vs. 4, 5)

d) Bad news – “We don’t have any money to give you!” How might the man have reacted to that?

e) Good news – “In Jesus name, get up and walk” – was this some cruel, sick joke?

f) How would you have felt if, like Peter, you had to reach out and take the man’s hand?


a) The man who daily sat NEAR the Temple to beg now goes INTO the Temple to praise

b) Three men knew the transforming power of God in their lives – they each have cause to worship.

c) As in Acts 2/6, 12 the crowd is impacted by a miracle “bewildered”, “amazed”, “perplexed”


Comment on the following:

“We can’t give to others what we do not have ourselves”.       (Read Luke 11/5-13)

“We can’t give to others what we have but don’t know that we have it”

“With God present in our midst, we should expect to see more of His power amongst us”

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