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"If any of you lacks wisdom...". That's me! Is that you also? "Wisdom" is the correct application of Scriptural principles to contemporary situations and circumstances. This wisdom is unique to the Kingdom of God. It refers to a Kingdom perspective....a Kingdom worldview or outlook on life. It is our perception of reality. So, we now move to our next session.

Session No. 2 WISDOM AND THE KINGDOM James 1/9-18

However, this Kingdom wisdom is at odds with worldly knowledge and so-called wisdom. In fact the world considers this Kingdom wisdom to be foolishness. Read 1 Cor.1/18-21. So, if that's the case, do you still want this Kingdom wisdom as the guiding principle of your life? Remember v. 6 from our last session? We have to really want this wisdom. We are not to be double-minded, restless, unstable, uncertain.

[1] WISDOM & VALUES (vs.9-11)

a. One of the trials or tests we will face quickly and often relates to our attitude to possessions & money. The values of God's Kingdom are vastly different from the values of this world system. That will be a constant challenge for us!!.

b. These conflicting differences about possessions & money can be seen in many places in Scripture. Matt.6/34-34; Mark 12/41-44 are just two of them. Can you see how the values of this world system are completely different to those of the Kingdom of God? Consider the principle in vs.9-11.

c. Here James describes two people, one poor and one rich. But they are the reverse of how the world looks at wealth.

*Poor Man - i.e. the person of humble circumstances regarding money and possessions, has a high position and should take "pride" in being a child of King.

*Rich Man - i.e. as the world considers wealth. The rich are seen as disadvantaged because of their material wealth. They are to take pride in the true riches of the Kingdom of God.

d. Only God's wisdom can enable us to view differing value systems like that (v.5) Read James 2/5,6 and note this same truth repeated there.

[2] WISDOM & REWARDS (v.12)

a. Here is a sermon on its own! - maybe many! James tells of the blessing of perseverance - the crown of life. The Greek word is "stephanos" which was a sign or symbol of joy, royalty, victory, dignity.

b. Maybe you can see the value of perseverance so far as the Kingdom of God is concerned.

[3] WISDOM & TEMPTATIONS (vs.13-16)

a. James now confronts a basic human response; blaming temptation & sin on God & others

b. "Trial" & "temptation" translate same Greek word - so what is the difference? The difference is in the purpose and motive of the tester. Read Luke 4/1,2

c. This is the same event but there are different motives.

*From God's side this was "trial" - God's motive & purpose was to strengthen His Son and to confirm His identity.

*From Satan's side, it was an opportunity for "temptation" - the purpose being to undermine and weaken the identity of Jesus.

d. "Trial" can become an occasion for "temptation" - determined by our response from within.

e. Neither God or Satan can determine outcome - that is our choice, positively or negatively.

f. Sin becomes reproductive when the external suggestion is fertilised by the agreement of our wills.

g. Unless aborted by repentance, conception (desire) will mature into action - it's inevitable.

h. The "action" is sin and sin always results in death in some form - short term & long term. Note: V.16 - Don't be deceived - this is an area of potential deception - be careful!!

[4] WISDOM & FAITHFULNESS (vs.17,18)

a. God, by His very nature, does not promote evil. On the contrary, He is the champion of good!

*By Nature - God is unchangeable - righteous, just, holy - there is no variation in His faithfulness.

*By Action - What God gives is good and perfect - despite slander to contrary

b. This is most clearly seen in the new birth (v.18) as compared with the birth of sin and death depicted in 1/13-15


This is Kingdom wisdom...Kingdom perspective....and how we need it today!!

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