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In my last post I expressed the conviction that, when it came to my role as a Pastor, I was there to Teach the Word. This time I invite you to think with me about the role of the Pastor as it relates to the Church's vision.




Vision is a picture of future state. Without a vision or revelation, the people are at a loss (Prov.29/18). So are Churches. As an example of this dynamic principle, think about the Biblical vision of heaven. It is an inspiring vision of what one day will be reality for all believers. It focuses upon the ultimate goal of glory. Time and again in the New Testament our future goal of glory is placed before us as an encouragement and motivation for present faithfulness and service.


A Church needs


#1   a sense of purpose & mission (why it exists),


#2   vision & goals (what it is trying to achieve) and


#3   specific strategies (how it will fulfil its calling).


Without these, the Church will wander around in well-intentioned but frustrating circles. Jesus had a clear sense of mission and vision regarding His own life. Read Luke 4/16-19 where He set out His understanding of the mission committed to Him by His Father. Mark 1/38 also reveals how clear He was as to why He had come.


In turn, Jesus was a visionary leader who inspired His disciples as He began to move them into the participation phase of His teaching (see the previous article in this series) - Matt.10/1,5-8.


In Acts 1/8 we read of Jesus' strategic plan to reach the world with the gospel of the Kingdom - a plan that saw them begin in Jerusalem but to move out in ever-widening concentric circles until the gospel penetrated the very heart of the Roman Empire.


The book of Acts is simply a record of the outworking of that plan outlined in Acts 1/8. As Pastor/Leaders, we are to ensure that the purpose, vision, goals and strategies are kept before the people.


Sometimes our pastoral "gift mix" may not be strong in this area. This was certainly the situation with me. I could articulate the vision or the dream and many of our Church folk would be energised by what I was able to portray in words.


However, although I could answer the 'what' and 'why' questions, I struggled to answer the 'how' question. So I needed to find people who could be released into this area of envisioning.


As with other areas of ministry, we Pastors are not responsible to do it all but we are responsible to see that it's all done!


In the next session I want to submit to you that sometimes teaching the Word and encouraging the vision can struggle because of the absence of Dimension 3....



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