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Preparing this series of studies has taken on a very personal dimension for me at this time. A few days ago I was diagnosed with a malignant growth on my right kidney. Suddenly and very unexpectedly the "C" word - cancer - has become part of our vocabulary in a way that we never envisaged.


Similarly, the subject of healing has become more than just an academic subject to be debated. The whole subject not only occupies my head space but now moves to the heart as only such news can accomplish.


The good news is that this growth has been detected in the very early stages - long before any symptoms began to surface. The CT Scan that was ordered for another purpose entirely (and which was completely clear regarding that matter), revealed this malignancy by "accident" - if you believe that such things are accidental!  The specialist surgeon is convinced that this tumour can be removed by surgery without further need of chemotherapy or radiation treatment.


However, one of the effects of this revelation has been to personalize the subject of healing and to put it front and centre in our thinking. What should I do with this diagnosis? What can I do with it?


[1]  Shall I go ahead with the doctor's recommendation that I have the growth surgically removed?

[2]  Shall I call for the Elders to pray for my healing as per James 5/16 etc.?


I am doing both!!  But more than both those initiatives, I am asking God that "His Kingdom Come". i.e. that His will be done in me and my body as it is in Heaven.


So preparing this series at this time has special significance for me. I invite you to join me as I walk this journey. It would be encouraging to have your company; especially if you shared your insights with me. You can do this by clicking on the "Contact" tab on the Home Page.


At the same time, I pray that this 6 part series might benefit you and/or your Small Group.


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