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                                                                                 SESSION No. 1


There are a few verses in Scripture that “intimidate” me.  Here’s one of them.

 Hebrews 11/6”…… without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

That statement convicts me because there are many times when faith seems to be absent from my life with God. Times when I panic rather than pray. I guess that is true of us all at various times. It is especially an issue for those whose desire is to be pleasing to God. To live the faith life.


For those of us who recognize the problems we have with faith, these 7 or 8 studies on “Living the Faith Life” are designed to encourage us and re-assure us that all is not lost because we can point to numerous failures, yet God has not (and will not) give up on  us. It’s on the foundation of that reality that we launch ourselves into these sessions. We are about to meet quite a number of people who were (are?) examples of the kind of faith that pleases God. I think we will be surprised as to who meets that criteria…which indicates that we ought to anticipate positive blessing and affirmation in these studied rather than a feeling of condemnation.

Maybe, just maybe, there is some fresh understanding that awaits us about faith….some insight that will free us from a sense of guilt and usher us into a new experience of the faith life. 


We don’t know the identity of the author of Hebrews. It simply says on the opening page “Hebrews”. Some scholars claim that there are enough similarities with the writings of Paul to claim Pauline authorship. However, most are happy to put up with such speculation and simply treat it as a legitimate component of the Sacred Scriptures. One thing is for sure; both the author and the readers had a very good grasp of the Old Testament and accepted its authority without questio


The recipients of this document were ready to “throw in the towel” so far as their faith was concerned. It was this possibility (likelihood?) that prompted the author to write as he did.

It is this same possibility that prompts us to spend time studying their circumstances, identifying similarities and embracing the solution that was offered to them.

 Take time to read the following verse selection. These passages will provide the backdrop for us to read between the lines and have an understanding of the circumstances in which the readers find themselves

Chapter 2/1-4   Chapter 3/7-14     Chapter 5/11-14    Chapter 10/35-39

Can you sense the concerns that the author has for his readers?

We are focused on the issue of faith so let’s go there……. Chapter 11

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