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                                                                       SESSION No 8


Hebrews 12/1--13


This is called “keeping the best ‘til last”. The writer could have won his case with this final example of faith on its own. However, it’s the coup-de-grace that gathers together all the dynamics of the faith-filled life. We will use some key words to focus our attention.

 [1] INSPIRATION (v.1)

a. “…such a huge cloud of witnesses…”  i.e. examples rather than spectators, they bear witness to faith life. These people, despite lapses, have trusted God during tough times

b. They are not super saints. They are/were human just like us (Read James 5/16-18)

c. It’s their very humanity that appeals to us – otherwise we would dismiss their example as irrelevant

 [2] PREPARATION  (v.1)

a. Inspiration must lead to action – imagry of a foot race helps us get the point

  • Throw off everyting that hinders – encumbrance – that which hinders/prevents best result. It may not be sin in itself but, if it slows us down, then get rid of it. “Throw off” – discard the track suit

  • Throw off the sin that so easily entanlges. Talk about the image of the athlete – e.g. the preparation

 [3] EXHORTATION  (v.1)

a. “Let us run with perseverence the race marked out for us” The writer stays with the imagry of the race. Read 1 Cor.9/24 and 2 Timothy 4/7 – With perseverence – this race is a marathon, not just a sprint.

 [4] MOTIVATION  (v.2)

a. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus - when we do that, He becomes our example to persevere. He is our model. He is the “author” of our faith (“file leader”- He sets the pace, direction and destination). He is the “perfector” of our faith. i.e. He is the one who brings our faith to completion and maturity.

b. No better example olf faith that suffered unjustly than Jesus – keep your eyes solely on Him. (V. 3)

c. Jesus was focussed on the reward awaiting Him. He was not distracted by the suffering and shame.

d. That which was causing the readers to consider walking away, was the very thing that Jesus endured


a. FOR JESUS  “…..sat down at the right hand of throne of God….”

b. FOR HIS DISCIPLES – progressive experience of holiness, righteousness, peace.


Let’s finish this series by reading 12/5-13

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